Conference Room

The last century has seen a change in million things in how we do business. From briefcases and wearing ties, to using BB messenger. Having said that, one thing remains invariable – people need to connect, and when they do, there’s no better place than GGBC’s conference room.
With the rising number of businesses shifting their communications channels from audio to video conferencing, it’s becoming a norm for companies to install VC units even in their huddle room.

It consists of a rectangular shape table in the centre, with chairs around it. Keeping the Covid guidelines in mind, the room can typically accommodate 10 people. Projectors, computers, and teleconferencing equipment, HD TV’s are few examples of the type of technology one needs to host a successful off-site training session. Along with this we at GGBC provide a rainbow of whiteboard markers, mobile furniture and any other item encouraging people to explore different perspectives.


  • The style is suitable for agenda focused meetings which also involves open discussion in open groups
  • Like a custom suit, our state of the art technology driven room can connect to 50 countries at a time with an experienced tech support staff on-site to help with any technical problems that may arise during a meeting or training.
  • Owing to its location, the room provides both artificial and natural lighting and blinds to cover sunlight when needed
  • The room is spacious enough for ergonomic chairs, equipment’s, projector screens and other conference paraphernalia in the room
  • We help companies provide the best first professional impression, with a modern setting with plenty of space and the fast connectivity features
  • We at GGBC understand the importance of privacy and are aware of eavesdroppers. Sensitive information and business deals are all safe within the walls of our mighty conference room
  • We at GGBC believe in a diverse boardroom which offers several benefits like improved decision making, enhancement of investor relations, improved corporate governance and better customer insight
  • It is also suitable for In-house training purposes
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